MOXsonic 2024 Schedule Overview

Tickets to all events are FREE and OPEN to the general public and available at the venue, no pre-registration necessary. (Participants: Your name badge will count as your ticket.)

Thursday – March 14, 2024

Bonus Presentation: Grinstead 223, 4pm — Hacking Your Brain For Practice And Performance – Shanna Pranaitis

Opening Night Party and Nightlife 1
UCM Art Gallery in the Arts Center
7:00pm (20 minute sets)

  • Brad Decker: Loophole
  • Jake Sentgeorge: Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older
  • John Thompson: x 8 o 8
  • Nickolai V Zielinski: Indicative of Drumming
  • Kory Reeder: if the thought evaporates

Friday – March 15, 2024

Coffee/Social Time: 8:30am-10:15am

  • Java Junction, 112 N Holden St, Warrensburg, MO 64093

Workshops: 10:30am-12:30pm – Studios, Wood Hall (basement level)

  • Nick Hwang and Anthony T. Marasco: MoNoDec—The Mobile Node Controller Platform
  • Mir Jeffres: Accessible Brain Music in Max/MSP

Concert 1 – 1pm – Hart Recital Hall (Utt)

  • Cecilia Suhr—Prism of Distortions—8:31 (s)
  • Rodrigo Cádiz—String spells—10:00 (s)
  • Cerulean S. Payne-Passmore—All That You Touch You Change —5:00 (s)
  • Brody Washam—the love we deserve —5:00 (4)
  • Benjamin Damann—the king of nothing—4:00 (s)
  • Mutien Lai—Farewell—4:30 (s)
  • Hermetic Fever (Louis Lopez and Joshua Gerowitz) + Georgia Bell—10:00 (s)

(Total: 48:31)

Papers: 2:15-3:45 – Studios (Wood Hall, basement level)

  • Alexandria Smith: Towards a Protocol of Feminist Methods for Musical Instrument Design
  • Kate Olson: A New Improvisation Aesthetic
  • Tommy McPhee: Inclusive Composition Environments for Nonstandard Sound Synthesis

Concert 2 – 4pm – Hart Recital Hall (Utt)

  • Benjamin J. Penwell (composer), Izi Ocean (performer)—BONE CATHEDRAL—8:00 (8)
  • Without Borders—Bird—7:00 (4)
  • Jeff Albert—J.B. Remembers J.B.—6:00 (s)
  • Slender Loris—Maybe You Should Sit Down Now—10:00 (s)
  • Federico Bonacossa—A Wolf Howls Away From a Waxing Moon, Hovering Over a Goose as It Bites a Child—10:00 (4)

(Total: 43)

Concert 3 – 7pm – Hart Recital Hall

  • Lars Bröndum and Ander Sjölin—Descending into the NOW!—15:00 (s)
  • Chloe Liuyan LiuCulture is the Body IV-Toward the Ground—8:50 (s)
  • Mike Frengel—Fireflies—9:00 (s)
  • Mark Zaki—Masks—9:00 (s)
  • Seth Shafer—r u ok—13:45 (8)

(Total: 55:35)

Nightlife 2 – Friday, 8:00 (approximately, follows the 7pm concert) – Art Gallery – UCM Art Center (20 minute sets)

  • Eric Mandat: The Grinding Machine
  • Jeff Kaiser: 4-K.McM
  • Ryan Gaston + Sarah Belle Reid
  • Barry Moon + Doug Nottingham: pincushioned

Saturday – March 16, 2024

Coffee/Social Time: 8:00am-9:45am

  • Java Junction, 112 N Holden St, Warrensburg, MO 64093

Five Minute Videos: 10:00am-12:15noon – Martin 125 (Digital Media Production Screening Room)

  • Jason Palamara: I turned my class into a reality show…here’s how it went
  • Jeff Kaiser: Electroacoustic-Music-Informed-Acoustic-Improvisation
  • Jeff Albert: Improvising Trombone and Computer Rig: Off the shelf or roll your own?
  • Mark Zanter: Use of Markov Chains in Ex Machina
  • Mike Frengel: Soundbug
  • Rodrigo Cádiz: Creativity in Generative Musical Neural Networks
  • Timothy Crist: Some Thoughts on Light as Modulation Sources in Eurorack
  • Dmitri Volkov: Pivotuner
  • Greg Cerveny: VCV Rack as Modern Radiophonic Lab

Concert 4 – 1pm – Hart Recital Hall

  • Ben Fuhrman—Blue Echoes, Reflected—9:30 (8)
  • Brett Masteller—BowMu STUCK MoBue—8:30 (s)
  • Chi Wang—AEON—6:30 (4)
  • Connor Scroggins—Max Q—8:00 (s)
  • Eunji Lee—Memories in Summer Night—6:00 (s)
  • Everett Wimberly, CJ Strathman—Ephemera—7:00 (4)
  • Ian O’Neill—Untitled 002: Collaboration—8:00 (s)
  • Yao Hsiao—Consort Yu—7:00 (s)

(Total: 61:20)

Demonstrations: 2:30-3:30 (Utt 008, directly below Hart Recital Hall)

  • Ryan Gaston: Introducing the map02/21 Delta Scan Mapping Interface, An Instrument for the Exploration of Chaos & Emergent Nonlinear Control Mapping Structures
  • John Gibson: An Easy Introduction to Max using Auzzie

Concert 5 – 4pm – Hart Recital Hall

  • Mark Phillips—Dream Dance—7:20 (s)
  • Timothy Crist—colored fields of reception—9:00 (4)
  • Konstantinos Karathanasis—Hekate—11:50 (s)
  • Travis Garrison-TBD-7:00 (tbd)
  • Mark Snyder—can’t—5:25 (8)

(Total: 59:25)

Concert 6 – 7pm – Hart Recital Hall

  • Shanna Pranaitis—Chimera’s Garden by Lisa Renée Coons—12:00 (s)
  • Alexandria Smith—Palpitations—8:00 (s)
  • Blaise Ubaldini—Isaac Newton In a Spaceship—10:00 (s)
  • John Gibson—Air Traffic—10:00 (8)
  • Eric Honour—Stutter Edit—9:45 (8)

(Total: 56:45)

Nightlife 3 – Saturday, 8:00 (approximately, follows the 7pm concert) – Art Gallery – UCM Art Center (20 minute sets)

  • Kevin Cheli/Seth Andrew Davis/Vinny Golia: Vinny Golia, Kevin Cheli, Seth Andrew Davis
  • Kate Olson: Analog KO Solo
  • CRAG Quartet (V. Golia, C. Asplund, S. Ricks, and R. Coulter): Tabletop Iguana (let it rip)

For the duration of the festival:

Fixed Media – Electronic Composition Studio (Wood Hall, basement level) — 8.1 Genelec System — Comfortable Chairs – Interactive Listening Space

  • Allison Ogden: Pale Blue Dot
  • Dmitri Volkov: Untitled 16
  • Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner: The Worth of Water
  • Jacob Mager: Hohle der Nacht
  • Janis Mercer: Friends…Flowers
  • Michael Wittgraf: Trains of Grand Forks
  • Jean Howard: Captcha
  • Trinnis Morrow: Dearly Departed

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