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This is a space to try things—to share experimental musical or artistic practices that do not necessarily fit in with the electroacoustic festival or music conference mold. I cannot wait to hear what is programmed at the next MOXsonic festival.
MIT Computer Music Journal


Missouri Experimental Sonic Arts Festival (MOXsonic). Computer Music Journal 2021; 44 (1): 89–91. doi:
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On the Road: The MOXsonic Festival, Cycling 74



Thanks for the wonderful festival and the work you put in. There were so many inspiring and creative works, looking forward to it again


This was a wonderful and unique festival, thanks to the hard work, tight organization, and imaginative curation by the four of you. I hope to make it to a future MOX!


Thank you and all your colleagues for your hard work!


Eric, Beth, Travis, and Jeff, You are all awesome. Thank you for all the hospitality and hosting such an awesome event.


Moxsonic was a great experience, and I look forward to future iterations!


Had some amazing and inspiring days at Moxsonic this weekend! A big thanks to Jeff Kaiser, Elisabeth Stimpert and the others for creating such a well-curated, smooth-going, and interesting festival! I enjoyed a lot of different expressions, media and use of technologies, had tons of conversations with all the cool colleagues present, met new and old friends


I can’t believe it is over! I had the most incredible time at Moxsonic , and am leaving beyond inspired. Jeff Kaiser, Elisabeth Stimpert, Eric Honour, and Travis Garrison did an amazing job putting it together; there are so many great things happening here.


2018 and 2019

I saw more creative energy, purposeful virtuosity, and all-out camaraderie over the past two days than I've seen all year. This is how music-making should always be. Congrats to you all.
You’ve all really got the details of your festival honed beautifully: I liked the artists, the emphasis on performance, the diversity of compositions, the nice chill vibe, the overall organization, and, well, everything!
I highly recommend this Fest, as it was intimate, innovative, professional, well organized, and most importantly FUN! check it out!
I am writing to comment on the high quality of the conference and commend the organizers. The consistently high quality of the concerts was remarkable. The schedule was full but relaxed, allowing a healthy amount of time for socializing and networking.
I just wanted to say how impressed I was with Moxsonic, I sincerely loved it…great work and inspiring that you have been able to get so many amazing people to UCM given the geographic challenges, yet another estimate to the merit of the event.
Thank you all! MOXsonic was a wonderful time and I'm sure it was no easy feat to host. I'm glad I could make it out!
It was an amazing opportunity and a fantastic festival.
MOXSonic festival at the University of Central Missouri is a very high-quality event. From the artists to the logistics to the camaraderie, I put this event on the short list of top-notch new music festivals.

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