Saturday, March 9, 2019, 8:30pm – Nightlife – UCM Gallery of Art and Design — Art Center — 217 East Clark

MOXsonic 2019 Featured Image

Saturday, March 9, 2019, 8:30pm – Nightlife – UCM Gallery of Art and Design — Art Center — 217 East Clark


Signals Under Tests

Ricky Graham

Graham will perform themes from his up-and-coming record with Hellmut Neidhardt, Disrupt/Construct.

Richard Graham, Ph.D. is a musician, former professor and business owner based in Cleveland, Ohio. He has performed and presented music and art projects at festivals and conferences all over the world including Moogfest, Celtronic and the International Symposium on Electronic Art. He has composed music for British and US television, recorded live sessions for BBC radio and has authored music for popular video games. He is a Co-Founder and the CEO of US based audio technology company, Delta Sound Labs.

Cover Fire

the Higgs whatever

the Higgs whatever

Cover Fire is a live DJ set, curated in real time, paying tribute to Johnny Cash’s most iconic work. We use EEGs, LEAP controllers and face tracking software to gather real-time data. Then we apply a bespoke artisanal transfer function.

Long-time friends, Puckette and Hagan began focused collaborations on academic and musical projects in 2014. Together their duo has performed in North America and Europe. They have introduced novel synthesis algorithms through new performances. Their work explores timbre, spatialization, real-time computer processes, algorithms, interaction design, performance practice, and performance systems.


Nathan Crepeault

Nathan Crepeault – Programmer, Performer / Improviser

This piece features looped bass guitar with live processing and generatively sequenced MIDI percussion using Ableton with a heavy use of Max for Live.

I am the vessel through which the creative entity that refers to itself as “Duane Wilson” is channeled. Duane is a devout progressive hedonist who thoroughly enjoys monitoring the culture of this planet via YouTube. I provide constructive criticism and emotional support for Duane, who receives this information as a projection in an interpersonal conference that can only occur during REM sleep.

free improvisation

Binary Canary

Ted Moore, electronics; Kyle Hutchins, saxophone

Binary Canary is a collaborative improvisation ensemble featuring laptopist Ted Moore and saxophonist Kyle Hutchins. Described as “skilled improvisers, no doubt about it” (I Care If You Listen), their work together since 2013 has included solo and chamber music, free and structured improvisations, and interactive multimedia. Their 2015 album ‘click/blow’ was reviewed as “a full on noise-jazz symphony” (Raised by Gypsies) and a “display [of] individual virtuosity and group musicianship… well worth the listen” (Signals for Images). In 2017, Binary Canary released their second album ‘BC+1’ to critical acclaim. Their third album ‘iterative systems’ will be released Fall 2018.  They have been featured at conferences, festivals, and on series such as the Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt (IMD), SEAMUS, New York City Electronic Music Festival (NYCEMF), World Saxophone Congress, NUNC!, CubeFest, and as guest artists at universities across the country.

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