Friday-Saturday – 2020 Interactive Listening Room – Electronic Music Composition Studio – Wood 003A

For the duration of the festival: Listening Room – Electronic Composition Studio, Wood Hall

  • Fabio Fabbri – Sintadfenix
  • Robert Seaback – in surge
  • Seah – songstonesing
  • Tine Surel Lange – Desert Creatures: The Salton Sea



Fabio Fabbri, Composer.

Electroacoustic piece with video, made exclusively with additive synthesis, that describes the journey of a phoenix that transmutes in multiple dimensions. Simplicity is inherent in the original material of Sintadfenix: pure sinusoidal sounds, the “ashes” from which the phoenix is (re)born. Complexity is characterized by the continuous transmutation of the spectrum (from harmonic to inharmonic and vice versa) in describing the path of the phoenix constructed exclusively with material as pure as it is simple. The acousmatic piece is closely interconnected with the related video, which offers a possible translation into the domain of the visual field of the electro-acoustic piece. 

Fabio Fabbri gained second level academic qualification cum laude with highest marks and mention of honor at Conservatorio “G.Puccini” in La Spezia, Italy with Paola Lenzi and Luca Primo Marzana and achieving, firstly in private tuition with Giuseppe Riotti and secondly with Piero Andreoli and Elia Savino at Conservatorio “N. Paganini “ in Genoa, Ercole Ceretta at the Scuola Internazionale di Alto Perfezionamento in Saluzzo as well as with Fred Mills at the Hodgson School in Athens (Atlanta) his personal formation.

He has won several international contests for music interpretation: First Prize and Special Prize “Best performer in Twentieth-Century Music” at the Second International Contest for Young Talents “ Città di Rivarolo Canavese”, First Prize at the Second International contest “Johannes Brahms”, First Prize at the Sixth International Contest “Città di Casarza Ligure”, Second Prize (First Prize not assigned) at the Second International Contest “ Alice Bel Colle”, Special Prize “Giovani Musici del Tigullio 2005”, Special Prize “Sanremo in Campus 2006”, finalist at the Premio Nazionale Delle Arti 2006; qualified at the APM in Saluzzo in collaboration with the OSN of the RAI of Torino; qualification for the Uto Ughi Orchestra for Rome.

He has collaborated with outstanding artists and soloists as Paolo Villaggio, Daniele Luttazzi, José Saramago, Carlo Chiarappa, Rocco Parisi, Candida Felici, Natalia Lomeiko, Franco Maggio Ormezowsky, Mariusz Patyra, Ruggiero Ricci, Marlon Titre, Cesare Marchini, Gianni Coscia, Gianluigi Trovesi, and has performed solo at the Carlo Felice Theatre in Genova, with compositions by Tiomkin and Rota. He has recorded for Max Manfredi, Stradivarius, Audioglobe and Sheva Collections with compositions by Javier Torres and Fabio Gremo . He has performed professionally, also as a soloist, with: Orchestra Internazionale d’Italia, Orchestra Sinfonica del Piemonte, Orchestra da Camera del “Vivaldi” di Alessandria, Choir and Orchestra del Piemonte Orientale, Orchestra Giovanile Spazio Musica, Cycnus Opera Festival, Teatro dell’ Archivolto, Teatro Scalzo, Inconsueto Popolare, under outstanding conductors, among which Peter Maag, Karl Martin, Piero Bellugi, Marco Guidarini, Lorraine Vaillancourt, Paolo Ferrara, Aldo Faldi. He has taken part in the Concert Season of Milano Musica 2006 with the world-renowned Dynamis Ensemble, and in collaboration with Teatro alla Scala of Milano. He realized an installation with the audiovisual project “Inscape” for the Florence “Festival della creatività 2008”. He has broadened his competences in Music Therapy with Dr. Annamaria Gheltrito, in Jazz Music with M° Luigi Bonafede as well as in Electronic Music, achieving with the highest marks the cum laude Diploma Ordinamentale at the Conservatorio “A. Vivaldi” di Alessandria under the guidance of Annamaria Federici, Giuliano Palmieri, Pasquale Spiniello, Javier Torres. He continues his studies in composition with Fabrizio Fanticini and performs duo concerts with Wiktor Brzuchacz, Monica Pons y Barreras and Guido Ferrari. He works also with la Casa del Suono of Parma and Ischia Musica in the analytic field of electroacoustic music, as well as at the Autonomous University of Madrid. His works have been executed at the Festivals Intorno al ‘900, Nuovi orizzonti sonori, New York Electroacoustic Music Festival 2018, Barcelona Zeppelin 2018, Leicester Convergence 2019, Barcelona Flexus Project 2019, NACUSA Mid-South composers concert at the University of North Georgia, Monterrey Ecos urbanos Festival de arte sonoro y transmedia 2019, University of Tennessee Contemporary Music Festival/SCI Region IV, Missouri Experimental Sonic Arts 2020.

He has recently recorded the soundtracks of the film “Tutti i rumori del mare” and of the Sit-com “Impazienti” broadcast on the Italian second TV channel Raidue. He is currently the responsible for the Liceo Musicale Statale Sandro Pertini di Genova, and is also coordinating the Commission for the teaching Coordination of the Liguria Network of Schools and AFAM in charge of the music formation “Liguria – Musica in rete”. He is a member of the Academic Committee of the Stresa International Competition, and has won the Teaching Prize at the IV Competition of musical interpretation ‘Clara Wieck Schumann’. He was selected as a soloist at the Abrons Art Center in New York and the Convergence 2019 Festival of Music in Leicester and was the winner (with highest marks) in both the Competitions for qualifications and exams D.D.G. 85/2018 for Trumpet teaching Italian Junior and High School. He regularly holds masterclasses, seminars and summer courses in Santa Margherita Ligure (Musicamica Association), Madrid (Autonomous University), Australia (Rosebank College in Sidney and Alexandra Hills High School in Wellington Point).


in surge

Robert Seaback, Composer

in surge, for eight-channel audio, is characterized by undulating granular pulse streams that accelerate and fuse into continuous, modulating timbres, or disperse and dissolve into small particles. Recognizable sounds from the piano, voice, and other sources are subject to granular decomposition and re-assembly as in a pixelated surface where images coalesce, smear, and interpenetrate.

The construction of in surge was an exercise in the creation of archetypes of spatial motion (using up to 3rd order ambisonics) and gestural evolution that are continually recycled and layered in counterpoint. The work was composed in part at the Atlantic Center for the Arts and at the Florida Electroacoustic Music Studio.

Robert Seaback is a composer and sound artist interested in the semiotic differences between acoustic and synthetic or digitally mediated sources. He has composed works that pair acoustic instruments with electronic sound, multichannel acousmatic music, and sound installations. He holds a Ph.D. in music composition from the University of Florida and degrees in music technology from Northeastern University and Mills College. He is currently Assistant Professor of Sound Design at Dakota State University.

His electroacoustic works have been presented at numerous international festivals and conferences such as ICMC, ISCM World New Music Days, NYCEMF, Sonorities Festival, and TIES. He received awards such as first prize in the ASCAP/SEAMUS student commission competition and more recently, an honorary mention in the 2nd Iannis Xenakis International Electronic Music Competition. Select works are featured on SEAMUS/New Focus and Ablaze records.



Seah, a/v artist

seah – sound, video

Made on a small island in the Finnish Archipelago during a residency at AARK. Field recordings using worn cameras and mic’s while moving across the rocky shoreline.

seah is obsessed with water and the closed cycle of the hydrosphere. Positioning the human body as water vessel or conduit, seah works with should, video, and movement guided by the notion that dinosaur piss runs through our veins.


Desert Creatures: The Salton Sea

Tine Surel Lange, sound, video, concept and body.

“Evolution is taking place and as we change (and possibly destroy) the fundamental of our life on this planet a new species is taking form – welcoming these changes as their fundamental for life. What we describe as environmental disasters are potential feeding grounds for the new species.”

Tine Surel Lange is concerned with the climate crisis and her current works are saturated in the fear of environmental destruction as well as the new opportunities and life forms that might evolve from that. “Desert Creatures: The Salton Sea” is a continuation of an ongoing project; an audiovisual extravaganza with magic realist flourishes.

Tine Surel Lange is a Norwegian composer and artist – based in the arctic Lofoten Islands, Norway – working with the surrounding world both thematic and as material. Her works range from experimental chamber music to electro acoustic pieces to performances and audiovisual works. She has also done music to several theatre and dance performances. She belongs to a new generation of artists and composers who work with 3D audio, immersive and surrounding sound. She is engaged in listening aesthetics and our psychological categorisation of sound. Her hope is to create increased empathy to our surroundings through listening. 

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