MOXsonic 2020 Schedule Overview

2020 MOXsonic Schedule Overview

Thursday – March 5, 2020

Opening Night Party and Nightlife 1
UCM Art Gallery in the Arts Center
(20 minute sets)

  • Benjamin Penwell/Izi Austin – look love, see how each of us is a wilderness, for violin and laptop
  • Brian Riordan/Jake Sentgeorge – Elk Splat, for voice and electronics
  • Daniel McKemie – Live Code Synthesizer Control Etude #1

Friday – March 6, 2020

Installation – Studio B, Wood Hall – All Day Friday to 10am Saturday

  • Dave Seidel – Involution, generative work for modular synthesizer

Papers – 10:30am-12:00pm – Studio A, Wood Hall – 20+10 for questions

  • Jason Palamara – Destructive and Inventive Instrument Development with IUPUI’s DISEnsemble
  • Daniel McKemie – Tape Delay Feedback in the Web Browser
  • Jared Bradley Tubbs – Unifying Sonification: Comparing and Codifying Standards of Sonification between Scientific and Artistic Communities

Concert 1 – 1pm – Hart Recital Hall

  • Kory Reeder – Dance for Princess Charis Grant, for Piano and Electronics
  • Kennedy Dixon – Pretty on Paper, for viola and improvised electronics
  • Kristian Twombly – Interplait, for voice and metal singing bowl
  • Ralph Lewis – MOXtube, Interactive YouTube Video with audience and clarinet ensemble
  • Peyton Hennager – The Human Voice, for Push 2 and electronics
  • Neil Rolnick – Messages, for solo laptop performance
  • Joe Basile, Brendan Betyn, and Alex Smith – Painting Pirates; Translucent, for Percussion, other instruments, and electronics

Workshop – 2:30-3:30pm – Studio A – Wood Hall

  • Seah – Body Resonance – listening to/through the body

Concert 2 – 4pm – Hart Recital Hall

  • Jeff Kaiser/Albert Kim – Improvising Machine #1347: Dances Apropos of Nothing, for Piano-shaped table, Push 2, Melodica, Laptop, and Human
  • Sean Hamilton – Thank you for everything. I had a really nice time, for feedback and technical equipment
  • Daniel McKemie – Feedback Study No. 3, for modular synthesizer and web browser
  • Eric Sheffield – Hydrokardia, a telematic composition for two laptop performers
  • Gabrielle Cerberville – Phases, for solo electronic instrument
  • John Ritz – Chance Designs n.4, for percussion, analog synthesizer, adaptive digital signal processing
  • Michael Wittgraf – Laissez Vibrer, for gopichand and live electronics

Concert 3 – 7pm – Hart Recital Hall

  • Conrad Kehn and Nicole Esquibel – Through Hardships We Become Stars, for spatialized audio, live vocals, percussion and video
  • Eric Lyon – Coronation, for trumpet and computer
  • Seah – like water, involving video projection, pre-recorded sound, and live manipulations from inside a 2’x2’x2′ plexiglass box
  • Jesse Allison and Anthony Marasco – gravity | density, for cyber-hacked electronics, mobile devices, and audience participation
  • Nick Hwang – World of Soundcraft, A gameful audience based mobile phone participation musical work
  • Lauren Sarah Hayes – I Spin Via Motor, for hybrid analogue/digital live electronics
  • Ryan Olivier – On the Permanence of Water, Leap Motion Controller and Live Multimedia

Nightlife 2 – Friday, 8:30 (approximately, following 7pm concert) – Art Gallery – UCM Art Center
(20 minute sets)

  • The Choir Boys (Jeff Kaiser and Andrew Pask) – Tusalava for woodwinds, trumpet, electronics, video
  • Eric Mandat – Before the Breath of Spring, clarinet and electronics
  • Mouths – Elliott Lupp and Kris David Bendrick, electronics

Saturday – March 7, 2020

Social Time – 9am to 12noon – Art Gallery

  • Kansas City Electronic Music and Arts Alliance – espressoAcoustic 2020

Cave Experience – 9:00am – meet at Art Gallery, 9:20am, carpool to cave (nearby)

Demo  – Saturday 11:00am to 11:30am – Studio A

  • John Ritz – Using feature extraction to drive digital signal processing in Kyma

Five Minute Video – Saturday 11:30am to 12noon – Studio A
Five minutes + Five Minutes for Questions – videos will then be available for the duration of the festival

  • Anthony T Marasco – Bendit_I/O: A System for Extending Mediation and Disembodiment to Networked, Circuit-Bent Devices
  • Jason Palamara – HIDI.distractifier, a fully autonomous self-driving musician for Max
  • Ted King-Smith – Songs of the 614

Concert 4 – 1pm – Hart Recital Hall

  • Ben Fuhrman – Particle Forge, for Game Controller and Computer
  • Dave Seidel – Involution, generative work for modular synthesizer
  • Jay Afrisando – The Night is Dark and Full of Roarers, for saluang, sarunai, bansi, & live electronics
  • Mike McFerron – Myopic Phantasy, mobile device trio
  • Travis Garrison – TBA

Workshop – 2:30-3:30 – Studio A

  • Nick Hwang, Eric Sheffield, Anthony T. Marasco – Building Networked Performances Using Node

Concert 5 – 4pm – Hart Recital Hall

  • Kyle Wood – LMNL GLVTCH, for Ableton Push 2
  • Christina F. Butera – Oda a La Vanguardia, for soprano and electronics
  • Casey Farina and Jeremy Muller – #Sifft, Scale Invariant Feature Twitter Transform for percussion and real-time data visualization based on live tweets
  • Steve Ashby – chatBack, for feedback system
  • Christopher Poovey – Hypoxia, for Flute and Live Electronics
  • David D McIntire – The Continuing Path, for Baritone saxophone & electronics

Concert 6 – 7pm – Hart Recital Hall

  • Eric Honour – airclicknoise (broken)
  • Cecilia Suhr – I, you, we
  • Rob Hamilton – Elegy (Ready, Set, Rapture), for Coretet virtual-reality doublebass
  • Alexandria Smith – Exhale, for trumpet, electronics, and interactive media
  • Paul J. Botelho – In Moscow We Marched

Nightlife 3 – Saturday, 8:30 (approximately, following 7pm concert)
(20 minute sets, except where noted)

  • Gregory Taylor – istana musim panas (the summer palace), for electronics
  • Peter Hulen – Wobbly, for iPad and electronics (approximately 10 minutes)
  • Wombat – Justin K. Comer, Carlos Cotallo Solares, Will Yager – generations 3.1, for saxophone, electric guitar, double bass, and audiovisual playback
  • Chin Ting Chan and the EA Ensemble – misc. pieces for accordion + EA, lapsteep guitar + EA, synthesizers

For the duration of the festival:

Listening Room – Electronic Composition Studio, Wood Hall

  • Fabio Fabbri – Sintadfenix
  • Robert Seaback – in surge
  • Seah – songstonesing
  • Tine Surel Lange – Desert Creatures: The Salton Sea


  • Joshua Tomlinson/Daren Kendall – MONKEYWRENCH – Eliot Student Union, Room 101

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